Panasonic FR series - New low ESR Capacitor - Long life and low ESR in a perfect combination

Panasonic is introducing the FR-Series, new Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors in Radial Construction. This capacitor is the perfect solution for applications, which require ultra low ESR - very high ripple current - very long life in a small mounting form. pansonic_may.jpg

In comparison to our current products e.g. FM series, we could achieve a lifetime upgrade of up to 100% (up to 10000h@105°C) and a capacitance increase of up to 30% by improving the material technology. The Radial FR series is in mass production and samples are available.


Voltage range  6.3 – 50V
Capacitance range  22 – 8200uF
Lifetime   up to 10000h
Ripple current  up to 3820mA
ESR    down to 12mOhm (20°C/100kHz)
Size    Ø5x11mm to Ø16x25mm

Application examples

Switching mode Power Supply:
Switching mode Adapter
line noise removal
LCD backlight
LED applications
Applications with long lifetime requirements