As a leading authorised source of passive, interconnect, discrete, relay & switch components, many of the suppliers we distribute for are Japanese companies and/or have manufacturing and logistics operations in Japan. The recent natural catastrophe in Japan is affecting the lives of everyone there, and in the short term, virtually all Japanese businesses. We are in close communication with our suppliers and will provide regular updates on our website regarding their ability to manufacture and ship product.

From the updates we have received so far, it appears that damage to our suppliers’ factories is minimal and none of the direct employees of our suppliers have been injured. As most of our Japanese suppliers with manufacturing operations in Japan have those operations located south of Tokyo, they seem to have been spared the worst of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami. The more immediate concern appears to be that electric power and water supply services are down throughout many areas which could delay plant openings and hamper efforts to ship product out of the country.

Our inventory and our pipeline of orders with our suppliers is very strong and healthy and this will assist us during the coming weeks. We will monitor and work closely with our suppliers on all shipments and communicate promptly. As is our habit during times like these, we will make every effort to allocate sales of these parts to those customers with whom we have open orders or an ongoing supply chain agreements.

Our thoughts and best wishes will be with the people of Japan as they recover from the devastation that they have just experienced.

Geoff Breed
Vice President Marketing


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