Unquestionably, integrated semiconductors drive design. But to ignore developments in all other component fields risks compromising the benefits offered by a state-of-the-art processor by specifying a less-than-optimal supporting part.

So while all the other broadline supply chain distributors chase the semiconductor vote, TTI has built a very successful business bringing to the attention of designers the latest passive, connector, power, discrete and electromech parts they need to complete a winning design and which, after all, make up 80% of the BOM component count. We do this by having specialised business teams covering areas such as Mil/Aero, Transportation, Medical and Power, and product and technology specialists which are able to offer real design-in help, often in partnership with the component manufacturers.

Devkit Magazine has been launched to highlight new developments in the design ecosystem on the basis that engineers need all the tools at their disposal if they are to get the job done. That includes not only development kits, but also design ideas, sample kits, reference design etc. By focusing on a number of leading franchises, TTI specialises in introducing new parts to the market, all of which are supported with excellent design resources. A few examples include:

Digital Power

Power is a key focus in Europe for TTI currently, and Ericsson is one of our key suppliers in this area.  To support the design-in of its range of digital power products, Ericsson offers the 3E Design Kit – the FAP901 0755/3, designed to enable the easy implementation of its Advanced Bus Converters, the BMR456, and BMR 457, and its 3E PMBus-compliant point-of-load DC-DC regulators, the BMR461, BMR462, BMR463 and BMR464. 
Developed for system-level power design, the new kit enables systems architects to develop not only the exact power architecture required for their final application, but also to configure and monitor every component to optimize performance and reduce energy consumption. Also available to support the implementation of the Design Kit is the Ericsson DC/DC Digital Power Designer, a software GUI tool-chain that enables simple graphical design of digital power systems from evaluation to production.


There has been quite a change in the world of discrete semiconductors as devices have been developed to meet new and challenging applications. TTI represents several of the world’s leading discrete semiconductor brands, and offers free-of-charge samples to support design-in and test activities on many devices. Just a small selection includes:
Panasonic’s new CSP series MOSFETs in the new Power Mount CSP Packaging (PMCP) which comprises a unique pad design and drain clip technology. This allows for a 5% improvement in thermal dissipation while simultaneously reducing the size by 80% over the conventional solutions.

High voltage E series MOSFETs from Vishay Siliconix based on Vishay’s next generation Super Junction technology. 17 new devices in eight packages extend the on-resistance range of the company’s 600V family from 39mΩ to 600mΩ at 10V, and broaden its maximum current ratings from 7A to 73A. At 650V, 22 new devices in eight different packages offer an extended on-resistance range from 30mΩ to 600mΩ at 10V, and broaden its maximum current ratings from 6A to 105A.
TPSMB TVS diodes from Littelfuse are designed specifically to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events. Newly available are hi-rel and automotive grade AEC Q101 qualified parts.


To support design-in activities of one of its key franchises, Molex, TTI is producing a number of information and sample pack flyers covering the company’s innovative range antenna products, including:
479480001 - The smallest on-ground antenna of its kind, Molex’s 2.4 GHz SMD antenna requires no ground clearance and offers significant PCB real-estate savings

1052620001 - Designed for compact industrial and other wireless applications operating the license-free 868 and 915MHz frequencies, Molex’s 868, 915 MHz ISM stand-alone antennas give suit meter, medical device and automotive applications

1052630001 - Providing excellent communication and range coverage in cellular bands including GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS band-1 and LTE band-7, Molex’s Cellular 6- band 
standalone antennas are suitable for use in smart meters, medical devices, industrial and other wireless applications

Of course, at TTI we work very closely with all our supplier partners with innovative product introduction programs and customer support activities. Perhaps our biggest differentiating factor is that we stock broad and deep across all entire franchise base. Combined with our technical engineering support capabilities, local sales resources and sophisticated supply chain logistics programs this means that we are best-placed to support customers’ new design activities. 

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