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The electronics market sometimes has periods, as of now, of long lead-times and in the most extreme circumstances, product allocation. Normally these events can happen due to issues with raw materials or a high volume application absorbing very high quantities of product without previous forecasting.

As several component manufacturers are informing us that lead-times are extending and some products are going into allocation, TTI would like to reassure its customers that we have already taken steps to significantly improve our “available to sell” inventory. We are making sure we have regular updates with our customers and we are establishing further safeguards for those under contract.

TTI is able and ready to work with you. We specialise in the defense, aerospace and space market and understand very well the impact of interrupting your high value production lines.

We are taking time to develop our suppliers and strengthen our established product supply strategies. During the last quarter we launched a new tantalum module from Vishay, the Gecko Screw-Lok from Harwin, KPS range of stacked ceramic capacitors from KEMET, several updates from Amphenol, Souriau and Smiths Interconnect on connectors and backshells, and a significant entry into the Hi Rel markets from Littelfuse with its range of TVS diodes.

TTI has an extensive team available to support you. For more information, please visit our website at

Lee Thompson– Director Industry Marketing Defense, Aerospace & Space
Amphenol Socapex
Socapex ABS2216 Composite Backshell
ABS2216 is a Composite Backshell compatible with MIL-DTL-38999 Series III and EN3645 connectors. It features an anti-decoupling system with 3 angles: straight, 45° & 90°. EMI and non-EMI versions are available.
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Amphenol Socapex
Reduced Flange 38999 Jam Nut Receptacle
Designed for harsh environment applications where small dimension & low weight are critital. This receptacle provides 41% average footprint surface reduction and is 20% lighter than a standard 38999 stand-off receptacle.
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Harwin Gecko Screw-Lok
Gecko Screw-Lok Connectors
Secure fixings and metal backshells for Hi-Rel 1.25mm pitch connector family Gecko (G125 series) connectors are low-profile, dual row cable-to-board and board-to-board interconnects which save PCB real estate and weight in high reliability applications.
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Honeywell IHM
Aerospace Proximity Sensors (IHM)
For Aerospace engineers at tier suppliers that need reliable and accurate products for extreme environments, these sensors reduce downtime and maintenance costs (no troubleshooting, crew ready) unlike ELDEC and Crouzet.
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KPS "L" Series
KEMET Power Solutions (KPS) Commercial and High Voltage "L" Series with Tin/Lead Termination stacked capacitors utilize a proprietary lead-frame technology to vertically stack one or two multilayer ceramic chip capacitors into a single compact surface mount package.
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Littelfuse TVS Diodes
High Reliability TVS Diodes
Littelfuse offers a broad portfolio of both uni- and bi-directional high reliabiliy TVS diodes with power levels from 200W to 30kW. Their facilities are certified AS9100, ISO09001, TS16949, AEC-Q101.
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Smiths Interconnect SnapTac
Smiths Interconnect
SnapTac Series
Smiths Interconnect SnapTac® miniature circular connectors for high-speed data, audio and video transmissions are particularly suitable for demanding and critical applications.
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High Performance Backshells and Caps
SUNBANK products defi ne the standard for highly reliable, environment resisting, electrically passive components. We offer a full range of backshells and caps in different materials and platings.
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TE Connectivity CII FC-328 Series
TE Connectivity
CII FC-325 Series Relays
TE Connectivity's (TE) CII Brand FC-325 series relay is a 3-pole, 25 AMP, non-latching hermetically sealed relay featuring all-welded construction and a double make/break contact design.
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Wet Tantalum Capacitors-High Energy EP1
Built on Vishay’s proven SuperTan® technology, the EP1 features an ultra high capacitance range from 2,000 µF to 30,000 µF and voltage ratings from 25 VDC to 125 VDC in the A case code.
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