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As of recently, the robotics industry has enjoyed significant growth globally – and even more growth is ahead of us. This growth will not only be visible in robot manufacturing across the globe, but also within other manufacturing industries such as associated systems, drives, gripper, vision systems, sensors and communication systems.
Growth rates have significantly increased in a new industrial segment: cobots = collaborative robots. Other than the well-known industrial robots for welding, painting and gripping applications in car manufacturing, in many small and medium enterprises cobots are sharing workplaces with human workers. In the electronics industry, key applications for cobots are pick and place as well as handling of components, packing and unpacking, cutting, gluing and more.
This month, TTI is featuring various products to serve this rapidly developing market segment. Contact your local sales team for the latest design-in technical achievements for your application.
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Minitek® 2.0mm Receptacle
FHC1 & FHC2 Series Power Film Caps
The FHC Series capacitors deliver high-reliability performance designed to complement & protect high-power-density inverter products in electric & hybrid electric vehicles. They smooth and filter current and voltage variations and prevent ripple currents from reaching and damaging the power source, which makes them especially ideal for use in conjunction with EV and HEV IGBT modules, as well as medium-sized motor drives.
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Interconnect Single High Current IDC Contact
HPM Series Particle Sensor
Particle sensors play a critical role in measuring and managing the quality of the air we breathe to help protect our health. Honeywell's HPM series particle sensor is designed to work in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and consumer products such air purifiers to measure air quality in homes, buildings and public spaces.
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Gecko Screw-Lok Connectors
High Voltage C0G Ceramic Caps for Wide Band Gap Semiconductors
KEMET now has an expanded version of its commercial and automotive grade High Voltage C0G Ceramic capacitors to meet the needs of the growing Wide Band Gap semiconductor trend. .
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Gecko Screw-Lok Connectors
Value Seal Wire-to-Wire Connector
Achieve industry-leading cost efficiencies and IP65 sealing protection with the innovative, one-piece ValuSeal Wire-to-Wire Connector. This connector is ideal for consumer, non-automotive transportation and industrial applications.
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The HVC-P2 multi-function sensor module from Omron provides a maximum recognition speed that is 10 times faster than previous Human Vision Components (HVC) system sensors.The module features Omron’s OKAO® vision technology for recognizing human face expression, gender, age, gaze, and blink into a camera module
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REP Connectors
Panasonic Electric Works
PA-N Relays
The only 5mm wide electromechanical Power Relay fulfills the IEC (UL) standard effective since 1 April 2016 that requires reinforced insulation for programmable controllers (e.g. input and output units). This way, a reinforced insulation between coil (SELV/PELV) and output circuit (AC power voltage) is ensured.
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Micro Motor Connector
CX Series
The CX Series SIP Solid State relay is ideally suited for high density PCB applications where a maximum of 5A of current is required. The SSR utilizes a back-to-back SCR output that provides added reliability in commercial and heavy industrial applications.
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Smiths Interconnect
M23 circular connectors are equipped with a robust contact technology for use in harsh environemnts. There are two different hyperboloid contact types available: machined and stamped. These two types of contacts have different characteristics in terms of how the termination is made.
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TE Connectivity
Industrial RJ45 Jacks with Integrated Magnetics
Industrial RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics offer a highly integrated connectivity solution - from the cable to the physical layer-for Industrial Ethernet. Integrating the magnetics into the jack allows for a much improved EMI noise shielding, enabling more reliable connections.
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REP Connectors
100V N-Channel MOSFET
Vishay has introduced a family of Low Voltage MOSFETs targeted at design in Industrial applications. Featured here are the SUM70040E(D2PAK) and SUP70040E(TO-220) 100 V N-Channel MOSFETs.
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