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The global population is expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050 – that is two billion people more than the world’s current population. As cities grow, the manufacturers of rail passenger, freight trains and rail infrastructure equipment need to develop more innovative and cost effective ways of increasing the capacity of their rolling stock whilst maintaining reliable, safe and secure networks. Selecting the right manufacturers and distributors that can support these future demands will be critical in ensuring both, innovative solutions and a reliable equipment supply chain. TTI is supporting this need by partnering with key manufacturers to stock their newest products and support the availability of their standard products globally.
Connector manufacturers such as TE Connectivity are expanding their portfolio to include rail M12 connectors, heat shrink tubing and identification products that meet rail fire and safety specifications. Molex is now also offering the flexibility of custom D-Sub designs for control equipment applications. Passive components suppliers are also developing new innovative solutions such as gas discharge tubes from Littelfuse, GBS wirewound resistors from Vishay and aluminium electrolytic capacitors from KEMET. TTI is likewise investing in new technology such as Rail approved DC / DC converters from Murata and Artesyn to enable customers to develop more efficient power supplies. In addition, we have expanded our stock of the popular Smiths Interconnect REP Series and ITT Cannon Trident Series to support customers’ need for a reliable supply chain. Click the links below for additional information on these products.
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Amphenol Battery Temperature Sensing
ERM Series DC-DC Converters
Artesyn's ERM family of high performance DC/DC converter modules are designed to meet the power demands and safety standard requirements of railway rolling stock applications. They are protected from atmospheric conditions without additional conformal coating being required.
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ITT Cannon
Trident Series
ITT Cannon's Trident series offers a versatile range of high performance, ruggedized electrical connectors with fully interchangeable contacts. From 2- to 75-way layouts, the stamped and machined contact system can support wire range 0,008 to 8 mm2.
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Mode 2 Cordsets
ALS70/71 and 80/81 Electrolytic Capacitors
The ALS70 and ALS80 Series from KEMET are high CV screw terminal electrolytic capacitors. They are ideal for use in frequency converters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and switch mode power supplies (SMPS) in challenging electrical and environmental applications including rail.
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Murata Safety Certified Lead Type Ceramic Capacitors
Gas Discharge Tubes - SL1026 Series for Railway systems
The SL1026 Series is a heavy-duty transient suppressor using Gas Plasma technology. In response to transients that exceed the device's breakover voltage, the device changes from a very high to a low impedance state to conduct harmful current away from the protected system.
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Panasonic Metal Plate Shunt Resistors Automotive Series
FCT Products and Solutions
FCT, a Molex company, are an innovative manufacturer of connectors and cable assemblies. Applying advanced technologies and solution-orientated thinking, FCT delivers a range of high-quality, cost-competitive products designed to meet the requirements of standard and challenging applications alike.
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TDK NTC Thermistor Elements
Encapsulated DC-DC converters "IR series"
Murata is introducing its latest encapsulated DC-DC converters designed specifically for use in railway applications. The IR series (IRH and IRQ) provides market leading power conversion efficiency in an industry-standard half/quarter brick pinout, allowing system designers to choose the most effective solution for cooling and power delivery.
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Smiths Interconnect
REP Connectors
Smiths Interconnect REP connectors a comprehensive series of high reliability, rectangular plastic connectors for rail applications where sealing, reliability and easy cabling are key factors such as sensors, brakes, signalling, alarms, doors, lighting, air conditioning, seats, passenger information and driver cabin.
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WSBM8518 Power Metal Strip Battery Shunt Resistors
TE Connectivity
HX-SCE Low Fire Hazard Sleeves
The HX-SCE, low fire hazard, heat shrinkable sleeve is a wire and cable identification solution recommended for aerospace and defense, marine, rail and industrial applications. It is a polyolefin heat-shrinkable tubing product that has been specifically designed for locations where low fire hazard characteristics are necessary.
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TE Connectivity
M12 Railway Connector Series
M12 connectors have been developed specifically for heavy industrial applications. These applications are characterized by shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. In addition they must meet the high specifications of industrial fire and smoke hazard requirements.
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WSBM8518 Power Metal Strip Battery Shunt Resistors
GBS - Vitreous Resistors with Corrugated Ribbon ® Battery Shunt Resistors
The GBS series, with completely welded construction, is the perfect choice for high continuous power dissipation up to 1000 W and is offered with an optional adjustable type. The components of this series are well suited for harsh environments and exhibit a long lifetime due to industrial standards >20 years. With their high pulse power capability, they are the ideal choice for inrush limiters.
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