MezzoStak .5mm Pitch

Amphenol ICC
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Hermaphroditic, “mates-to-itself” design improves business. Robust micro-miniature design slashes total acquisition costs. Robust 0.5mm fine pitch mezzanine connector suitable for a wide range of high reliability applications and demanding environments. Innovative hermaphroditic design provides a precise mating interface with extra housing guidance. Reduced product mix simplifies customer connector qualification, documentation and maintenance.



  • Hermaphroditic design "mates to itself"
  • Consolidates connector selection, documentation and costs
  • Polarization prevents mis-mating
  • Pressure-managed, dual-point contact mating interface provides easier use, fault tolerance and added reliability
  • Housing guidance "scoops" permit easy-mating even when mis-aligned
  • Stub-less contact design supports PCEeG2 High Speed performance
  • Long 1mm minimum wipe assures reliable contact and accommodates system mechanical tolerances


  • Portable and mobile electronic equipment
  • Medical and Instrumentation
  • Point-of-Sale/Retail equipment
  • Hand-held terminals
  • Automatic Identification and Data Capture
  • Sensors
  • Military
  • Communications and Networking
  • Data and mass-storage
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Metering and Energy