Printed Circuit Board Signal and Power Terminal Blocks

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FCI’s Printed Circuit Board signal and power Terminal Blocks are available in pluggable and fixed configurations in various pitch-sizes and wire sizes, for signal and power solutions.

The proven rising-cage-clamp technology ensures long-life, reliable connections, especially for demanding applications in industrial, instrumentation and communication environments.

The Core Product selector enables you to find easily one of the most popular Terminal Blocks in the displayed application. If you would like to select by product feature, you click on one of the 4 categories, Pluggable plugs, Pluggable sockets, Fixed or Accessories which are shown below.

Terminal Blocks come with support tools to facilitate easy design-in, such as the FCI’s Terminal Block microsite. This portal offers direct product solutions and provides downloadable info such as product brochures and catalogs, customer drawings and specifications, 3D mechanical models, samples and an online cross-reference.



  • Robust and solid design
  • Modular system, 2 up to 24 positions
  • Pitch sizes: 3.50mm, 3.81mm, 5.00mm, 5.08mm and 7.62mmSignal and Power, current ratings from 8A up to 32AVarious product configurations
  • Locking flange feature
  • Latching feature, prevent mismatch
  • End-to-end stackable
  • Through-mount solderingHigh performance rising-cage-clamp contact system
  • UL Recognized Component
  • High durability, 200 mating cycles3D models (IGES and STEPS) available


  • Circuit board design
  • Pluggable and fixed configuration