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Amphe-Dante are Dante™ audio to analogue audio adapters, each with one RJ45 Dante input And one and two (respectively) AX series XLR analogue outputs in a molded housing. Amphe-Dante products enable simple connection of analogue equipment to a Dante network and can receive audio channels from a Dante network and provide studio-quality, low-latency audio via an XLR connector to analogue audio equipment. Any audio available on the Dante network can be routed via the XLR outputs to an amplifier, powered speaker, mixing console, digital signal processor (DSP), or other analogue audio device. Amphe-Dante feature high-quality digital-to analogue converters, and support a range of sample rates and bit depths.

They can provide a hardware master clock for a Dante network. As with other Dante products, the freely available Dante Controller software application is used to automatically discover and configure Amphe-Dante devices connected to the Dante network. Device names, channel labels, signal routing and other parameters (for example, sample rate and latency) can be configured via the network using Dante Controller. A variety of network and clock synchronisation diagnostic tools are also available in Dante Controller. Amphe-Dante products use Power over Ethernet (PoE). Power can be provided through the Ethernet cable from a PoE-capable network switch, or from a separate PoE injector.


  • Dante® audio Input
  • One channel or Two channel analogue Output
  • Durable overmolded housing
  • Resilient cable strain relief
  • RJ45 metal connectors with integrated LED’s
  • AX Series XLR connectors


  • Audio Equipment
  • Amplifiers
  • Speakers