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Reliable and accurate temperature sensing measurement is critical to long-term battery performance. Amphenol produces temperature solutions including NTC Thermistors that are highly accurate with a temperature stability that set the performance standard for the rest of the industry.

Amphenol Product Applications

Battery Cell

Surface temperature measurement where space is limited and surface is flat.

Battery Case

Battery pack assembly array, surface temperature measurement.

Battery Inlet/Outlet Coolant

Direct immersion into coolant. Sealed connector option.

Battery Pack

Busbar mount.

Battery In-Line Coolant

Direct immersion with pipe clip connection.

Thin-film Flexible

Surface temperature measurement limited space, conforms to geometry.

Battery Cell/Harness

Customized for applications, multi-sensor.

Remote Data Bridge

Communications from BMS (battery management system) to Cloud.


  • Reliable and accurate temperature measurement
  • High temperature stability
  • Breadth of product portfolio for EV/HEV battery temperature sensing
  • Customised housing


Automotive EV/HEV battery temperature sensing (BTS) and industrial portable power applications.