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Amphenol A Series product lines, including AT, ATP, ATM and AHD, have key placement in all areas of Heavy Duty Equipment, Agiculture, Marine and other demanding interconnect applications. A Series products have been developed to be compatible with all other existing standard products industry-wise. Custom design cable assemblies are available to perfectly match customer specifications with a significant cost-savings over competition.

Amphenol AT Panel Mate Series is now available to complete the A Series product range. The Amphenol Panel Mate Series combines flange mounting options with the proven reliability of the AT Series environmentally-seald thermoplastic connection system. Engineered with a one-piece sealed flange design for rapid and secure mounting, its durable high temperature silicone facial seal provides a barrier of protection from lubricating oils, hydraulics fluids and fossil fuels to withstand the challenges and complexities of harsh environment applications. AT Panel Mate Series meets all the performance criteria and specifications of the AT Series and it is also available in a wide variety of custom colors.

AT Panel Mate is available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 position for contacts size 16 (13AMP) and 13 position for contacts size 12 (25AMP). Size 12 contacts accept wire range of 12-14AWG. Size 16 contacts accept wire range of 14-20AWG.


◾Flange mounting options with complete environmentally sealed thermoplastic connection System
◾Operating temperature range from -55C to +125°C
◾Thermoplastic / Integrated latch for mating
◾A mated connection properly wired can be placed in an oven at 125°C for 1hr and then immediately in depth water of 1 meter
◾Meets and exceeds 1500V Minimum
◾Continued continuity without degradation to mechanical or physical attributes following Vibration
◾Terminal retention: when subject to a direct pull, contacts achieve a minimum pull out force of 25lbs
◾Size 12 contacts accept wire ranges of 12-14AWG
◾Size 16 contacts accept wire ranges of 14-20AWG
◾Insulation resistance: 100megohms minimum at 25°C


◾Heavy Equipment Road Construction - Paver, Shredder, Roller
◾Heavy Equipment Material Handling - Crane, Forklift, Platform, Harbor
◾Heavy Equipment Earth-Moving - Excavator, Loader
◾Agriculture - Tractors, Harvesters
◾Lighting for Transportation
◾Airport Vehicles