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Artesyn Embedded Technologies offers the widest range of configurable modular power supplies, which can support a wide range of power specifications, and a varying number of power outputs, through the selection of appropriate modules housed in a common base unit. They give you the flexibility to fine-tune the input and output specifications of any given module and can eliminate the need for a custom power supply in many situations.

Artesyn's configurable AC-DC power supply portfolio includes individual power modules with output ratings of up to 3,000 watts, enabling customers to configure bulk power systems with up to 18 kilowatts output capability. Many of these products are available in medically approved versions and feature extensive built-in intelligence through digital control. They are renowned for their outstanding performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness.


◾400W to 4920W
◾13 different case options with up to 12, 21 or 24 Outputs
◾Medical approval
◾Many module types are common across cases


Industrial and medical applications needing between 400W and 5kW power with mulitple Outputs