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Artesyn's LCC series of fanless, fully-enclosed AC-DC power supplies offer IP64 protection against the ingress of dust and water, wide operating temperature range and extensive protection against fault conditions. The units need no cooling fans, which may increase dust and audible noise levels. The LCC series features full medical safety approvals. The units can deliver full usable power at high temperatures with no derating.

The Artesyn LCC250 and LCC600 series of fully enclosed conduction cooled AC-DC power supplies comprises models offering main output voltages of 12 V, 28 V or 48 V (LCC600 series also has a 36 V model). The LCC600 series also provides a 5 Vdc standby output that can supply up to 1.5 amps.

Rated at 250 or 600 watts, these power supplies incorporate a thermal baseplate and are capable of delivering full output power over a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 85 ˚C. Unlike many power supplies on the market, which typically require output derating above approximately 55 ˚C, LCC series supplies fed from a nominal 115 Vac input are capable of maintaining their full load capacity up to their maximum baseplate temperature of 85 ˚C. This makes them especially cost-effective for users who would otherwise need to budget for larger or additional power supplies.

For maximum applications flexibility, the main output is adjustable. The LCC600 48 V model, for example, can be adjusted from 44 to 54 V and has a maximum current rating of 12.5 amps. They are also capable of operating in constant-voltage or constant-current mode, which is frequently a requirement for LED lighting applications.


◾600 W/250 W full power at elevated temperatures
◾Wide operating temperature range suited for outdoor applications (-40 °C to 85 °C Baseplate)
◾Up to IP64 Rating
◾Adjustable Output
◾Conduction or convection cooled
◾Medical and ITE Safety approvals
◾LCC600 suited to Type BF medical applications
◾LCC600 has PMBus I2C digital Interface


◾Demanding sealed box and outdoor applications
◾Medical, dental and lab Equipment
◾LED Displays
◾High uptime Equipment
◾Difficult to service Equipment
◾Outdoor signage
◾Security cameras
◾Telecom installations (antenna/base stations)
◾Control consoles, indoor signage and medical Desktops