FHC1 & FHC2 Series Power Film Caps

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The FHC Series capacitors deliver high-reliability performance designed to complement & protect high-power-density inverter products in electric & hybrid electric vehicles. They smooth and filter current and voltage variations and prevent ripple currents from reaching and damaging the power source, which makes them especially ideal for use in conjunction with EV and HEV IGBT modules, as well as medium-sized motor drives.


  • Controlled self healing
  • Allowing flexibility in internal design
  • Improved current capability and repartition
  • Reduction of thermal expansion constraints
  • High winding productivity
  • Modularity in three dimensions
  • Custom designs available


  • DC-Link Capacitor in EV/HEV
  • Select Motor Drives
  • Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, Power Grid)
  • Power Electronics that need high reliability
  • WBG Technology
  • FHC series is primarily dedicated to Automotive application and espcially design to be plug on Infineon HP1 & HP2 HYBRID PACK