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Bourns' AEC-Q200 Qualified High Current Inductors and Common Mode Chips for automotive systems, DC/DC converters, power supplies, CANbus, and signal line applications.

Bourns® SMD Power Inductor Series is designed to meet the high quality standard for automotive applications. It includes the AEC-Q200 qualified models SRP4020TA, SRP5015TA, SRP5030TA, SRP7028A, SRP7050TA, SRP1038A, SRP1238A, SRP1245A, SRP1265A and SRP1770TA Series. These inductor series are manufactured with a metal powder core featuring high saturation current and a shielded construction for low magnetic radiation. The available inductance range is from 0.15 to 470μH with heating current Irms up to 52A and saturation current Isat up to 70A. Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +150°C.

Typical automotive applications for these inductors include driver assistant devices, information/entertainment systems, lighting and other applications including DC/DC converters and power supplies. The CANbus or Signal Line CMC series with model numbers SRF2012AA, SRF3216A and DR331 are constructed with either a ferrite or toroid core and are bifilar or sector wound offering high impedance over a broad frequency range to suppress unwanted EMI signal. These AEC-Q200 qualified common mode chip inductors are ideal for use in noise filtering on data/ signal line, CANbus, automotive electronics, telecom devices and consumer electronics. The operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +125°C.


◾Shielded construction - low radiation
◾Bifilar or sector wound
◾AEC-Q200 qualified
◾Carbonyl powder, ferrite or toroid cores
◾High saturation current, low DCR
◾RoHS compliant and halogen free
◾-40°C to 150°C


◾Automotive systems:

    ◾Driver assistant




◾DC/DC converters
◾Power supplies