Murata Trimming Potentiometers

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Bourns invented the world's first trimming potentiometer trademarked Trimpot®.

Today, trimming potentiometers are used to perform a variety of circuit adjustements in all types of electronic equipment in virtually every market around the world. Bourns has continually increased the number of physical configurations available and the ability of its Trimpot® products to withstand manufacturing environment, demands, offering its customers enhanced design flexibility in selecting the optimal product for applications. As previously announced, Bourns, Inc. is manufacturing replacement products for the sealed MuRata® trimmer potentiometer product series that MuRata® Manufacturing Company Ltd. ("MuRata") discontinued due to End of Life (EOL). To ease transition from Murata® products to Bourns® products, Bourns is manufacturing replacement products. MuRata granted Bourns permission to use MuRata® part numbers on Bourns' produced replacement products. Bourns replacement products with MuRata® numerical part numbers will be manufactured to MuRata specifications however, Bourns' standard warranty terms will apply to Bourns replacement products based on MuRata specifications.


◾Top, bottom, side, front and back adjustement styles
◾2mm to 30mm sizes
◾Tube, bulk, embossed tape, ammo pack, tape and reel
◾Compatible with pick and place equipment
◾RoHS compliant versions available
◾Mil-Spec versions available
◾Bourns Trimmers can be customized to offer what is needed for your application
◾High linearity output
◾Noise (CRV) improvement
◾Setting stability


◾Power supplies
◾CATV Decoders
◾LCD Controllers
◾Process Controllers
◾Torque sensors
◾Set-top boxes
◾Magnetic card Readers
◾Controller daughter boards
◾Two-way Radios
◾Satellite Receivers
◾OP Amp
◾Battery Management
◾Game Controllers

◾Phone Headsets
◾Plasma televisions
◾Lighting controls
◾Temperature sensors
◾Base stations
◾Voltage meters
◾RF meters
◾Security Systems
◾A/D Converters