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Bourns offers world-class technology and applications expertise that is the result of many years of circuit protection engineering, design and support. Power electronics cover different disciplines ranging from magnetics design, EMI filter design, analog electronics, power semiconductors, circuit protection, and now recently digital signal processing. The objective of a power electronics circuit is to modify energy in the form of voltage and current at different frequencies, or, in other words, to modify the input voltage and current conditions. There are several different kinds of overvoltage protection technologies at Bourns:

-TISP® Thyristor Surge Protectors

-Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Surge Arrestors

-Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs)

-Power TVS Diodes (PTVS)

-TVS Diodes

-ChipGuard® ESD Suppressors


  • Low voltage overshoot
  • Low capacitance
  • High power and current rating
  • High insulation resistance
  • Bidirectional
  • Surge protections
  • Fast response time
  • ESD protection
  • Low clamping voltage
  • Low leakage current


  • Digital telecommunication lines
  • Low voltage electronics
  • Surge protection devices (SPDs)
  • Power supplies
  • Service entrance protection
  • Branch panels
  • Din-rail protectors
  • Power systems
  • Line voltage
  • Telecom systems
  • White goods / appliances
  • Tablets
  • Handheld devices
  • Embedded components
  • Scanners
  • Notebooks