Model 3549 New Dual Ball Bearing Option


This speciality option was developed in response to requests from industrial, medical and aerospace customers who wanted a way to protect the end stops on the potentiometer should their equipment go out of calibration.

The “slip clutch” design is internal to the part and does not alter the physical dimensions of the part.

This feature allows the wiper to idle at the extreme clockwise or counter-clockwise ends without inducing damage to the stops on the potentiometer. This design option is now used in machine-to-machine applications as a safety feature where the mechanical actuator may occasionally rotate the shaft beyond the mechanical stops, or beyond the set number of turns.


  • Wirewound and Hybritron® elements
  • High rotational life
  • Optional 0.20% (3547), 0.15% (3548), 0.10% (3549) linearity
  • Optional A/R lug
  • Suitable for use under side load
  • Designed for HMI and MMI applications
  • Dual gang option


  • Data communications equipment
  • Remote controls (wireless/hardwired)
  • Cellular phone equipment
  • Scanners, copiers, multimeters
  • Household goods, appliances
  • Battery chargers
  • 2-way radios
  • Test and measurement equipment