Model TISP9110MDM


The Bourns® Model TISP9110MDM, a high-surge current protector rated at 80A for a 5/310 surge, assists customers in protecting telecom equipment to ITU and YDT 4kV 10/700 requirements.

Four separate protection structures are used, two positive and two negative, to provide optimum protection during Metallic (Differential) and Longitudinal (Common Mode) surge conditions. The device also boasts a wide -110V to +110V programming range and a low 5mA max. Gate Triggering Current.


  • High performance protection for SLICs with +ve and -ve battery supplies
  • Wide -110V to +110V programming range
  • Low 5mA max. gate triggering current
  • RoHS compliant


  • Wireless local loops
  • Access equipment
  • Regenerated POTS
  • VoIP applications