SRN Semi-Shielded Inductors


The Bourns® SRN Inductors are designed using semi-magnetic shielding technology. Instead of the conventional ferrite shield, the magnetic shield of the Model SRN Series utilizes an epoxy-ferrite powder mixture resin.

This compound is applied to the perimeter of the inductor which completely envelops the winding. As a result, the Model SRN Series Inductors provide effective magnetic shielding while emitting lower radiation compared to non-shielded inductors. In addition, the models offer moderate cost savings to comparably-sized conventional ferrite shield inductors.


  • Semi-shielded construction
  • High rated current, up to 10A
  • Inductance selection 0.5 – 100µH
  • Footprint range: 3x3 to 8x8mm
  • Height range: 1.5 to 4.5mm
  • RoHS compliant
  • Lower radiation compared to non-shielded inductors
  • Cost-effective compared to conventional shielded inductors
  • Typically higher-rated current than conventional shielded inductors
  • Semi-shielded construction to bridge application gap from non-shielded to conventional shielded inductors
  • Various footprint and height selections
  • Low profile; comparable to non-shielded and shielded inductor footprints
  • Wide application segments


    • Set-top boxes
    • Smart grids
    • Network equipment
    • Lighting systems
    • Energy neters
    • Solar inverters
    • Industrial automation
    • Motor drives
    • Industrial equipment
    • Cell phones
    • Notebook computers
    • Home automation
    • Audio and video equipment
    • Hard disk drives
    • TV, DSC, LCD displays