Transient Current Suppressor (TCS™)


The Bourns® TCS™ High-Speed Protector (HSP) used with low cost diode(s) provides a solution that better protects current and future generation (lower voltage, higher speed) devices, while not compromising on performance and cost.

The Bourns® TCS™ High-Speed Protector is designed to compete cost-wise with conventional solutions in Ethernet and xDSL applications. Remember to always consider the total solution cost.

Many solutions use a combination of diodes, MOVs and GDTs which can be more costly than a Bourns® TCS™ HSP + low cost diode(s), offering a lower surge and transmission performance. The Bourns® TCS™ HSP is also extremely easy to implement.


  • Low let-through energy
  • Low insertion loss
  • Small PCB footprint
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Well-matched resistance
  • RoHS compliant
  • Improves product reliability
  • Up to a 90% reduction in the stress on the protected device vs. the use of a stand-alone TVS diode
  • Minimal effect on signal quality up to 6 GHz
  • Behaves like a high-quality resistor during normal equipment operation
  • Negligible impact on signal balance between lines of a differential signal pair
  • Works with a wide variety of overvoltage protectors
  • Requires minimal board space. Can be inserted in series between the OVP and the protected device
  • The high-speed of the TCS™ High-Speed Protector, significantly reduces the voltage stress on the protected device
  • Enables chip set designs to offer smaller die sizes


  • Food blenders
  • Coffee machines
  • Washing machines
  • Powered garden tools
  • AC adaptors
  • Electric fans/blowers
  • Set-top boxes