KSC ULL Switches

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Tact Switches with extended lifetime for demanding applications.

KSC201, KSC401, KSC701 and KSC1001 are designed to withstand intensive use. These ultra long life switches can last up to 5 million cycles. Varying the hardness of the silicon actuator allows adjustment of switch actuation force and pre and post travel parameters. These switches are available with J bend and Gullwing terminals.


◾Compact size: 6.2mm x 6.2mm

◾Sealing: IP67

◾Travel: 0.3 mm with soft actuator, absorbing mounting tolerances

◾4 heights from PCB:

    ◾KSC201: 3.5mm

    ◾KSC401: 5.2mm

    ◾KSC701: 4.3mm

    ◾KSC1001: 4.9mm    

◾2 actuation forces:

    ◾1.45N (KSC4 and KSC10)
    ◾1.60N (KSC2 and KSC7)

◾Comes with G or J termination for a more compact PCB real estate

◾KSC ULL is the most compact, longer life sealed SMD product on the market with a clear price advantage



◾Joystick buttons

◾Game Controllers

◾Other long life applications