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Honeywell has over 30 years’ experience designing and delivering accurate and reliable proximity sensors that are currently used in a variety of military and commercial aircraft. For Aerospace engineers at tier suppliers that need reliable and accurate products for extreme environments, Honeywell’s IHM Series Aerospace Proximity Sensors reduce downtime (no unnecessary preventative maintenance) and maintenance costs (no troubleshooting, crew ready) unlike ELDEC and Crouzet. We do this by a unique circuit that can detect a larger portion of internal failure modes and display a fault output (vs. a false positive or false negative).


  • Enhanced vibration and EMI specifications help to increase revenue (flight hours) and reduce cost to serve (system maintenance)
  • Hermetic sealing helps increase revenue (flight hours), reduce cost to serve (maintenance), & reduce cost of goods (spares)
  • Platform approach helps to increase revenue (speed to market) and reduce cost to serve (lower engineering investment)
  • Health monitoring helps to increase revenue (flight hours), reduce cost to serve (maintenance), and reduce cost of goods (spares)
  • Supplier stability helps to reduce cost to serve (troubleshoot with original supplier)
  • Current install base helps to reduce cost to serve (proven performance and MTBF)


  • Cargo loading latch detection (palet locked)
  • Doors (open/closed position, locked status)
  • Evacuation slide door-lock mechanism
  • Flight controls (flap/slat, spoilers)
  • Landing gear (uplock, downlock, & Weight On Wheels (WOW)
  • Thrust reverser actuation system (TRAS) (stowed or deployed status)