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Honeywell HumidIcon™ Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors, HIH7000 Series, are digital output-type relative humidity (RH) and temperature sensors combined in the same package.

These sensors provide an accuracy level of ±3.0 % RH and a temperature accuracy level of ±0.5°C.


  • Industry-leading Long term stability (1.2% RH over five years)
  • Industry-leading reliability (MTTF 9,312,507 HR)
  • Lowest total cost solution
  • Combined humidity and temperature sensor
  • Energy efficient
  • Free up PCB space
  • True temperature-compensated digital I2 C or SPI Output
  • Lowest total cost solution
  • Ultra-small package size
  • Other accuracies available: ±1.7% RH (HIH9000 Series), ±2.0% RH (HIH8000 Series), ±4.0% RH (HIH6100 Series), and ±4.5% RH (HIH6000 Series)


  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Incubators/Microenvironments