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As robots and other industrial machinery are becoming increasingly compact, multi-axis, and multi-functional, the installation space for devices such as servo motors is decreasing. This has created a demand for compact, low-profile connectors that have waterproof performance as well as compatibility with applications where board mounting is not possible. The HB01 Series perfectly meets this demand. The HB01 Series connector features a mechanical lock which withstands vibration and pulling, and also saves space by utilizing a hybrid structure that allows for wiring of both power and signal lines in one connector. This connector achieves high-waterproof performance (IP67) by sealing the mating area with a seal ring and the cable pull-out area with a grommet inside the connector.

The HB01 Series has a structure that guides the terminals with a rear cover on the back of the connector, and allows for improved harness workability. To meet the broad variety of customer needs, the HB01 Series is compatible with a wide range of cable sizes, and two barrel sizes can be selected for both power and signal terminals.


  • Hybrid structure for power line and signal line wiring
  • Mechanical locking structure ensures secure mating
  • Improved workability with a clear click sound and excellent mating/unmating operation
  • Improved harness workability
  • IP67 waterproof when mated
  • Terminals are compatible with a wide range of cable sizes


  • Robotics
  • Servo Motors
  • Various industrial machinery such as machine tools