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JST provides a wide variety of wiring harness and wire to board connection systems designed especially for the automotive market segment. JST overtakes from the rest of the manufacturers by providing connection systems which typically exceed industry standards relative to fit, form and function. JST's products can be found in every automotive system application across every OEM car line globally. By selecting a JST connection system you are guaranteeing success in every aspect of your design and manufacturing process.

Today Automotive applications require a secured, strong, reliable and strict connecting solution. These JST AIT & AIT II connectors provide maximum reliability as they offer a low engagement force 0.64 terminal system with a stabilizer which insures electrical contact resistance, and with polarization features in order to prevent mis-insertion into the cavity.

Thanks to the TPA in addition to the protected lock, the whole structure is re-inforced. Each connection is available in single or dual row.


  • 30% Height reduced compared to competition
  • Ultra Low Profile High Voltage
  • Flammability according to GMW3232
  • Current rating: 5A AC,DC max.
  • Voltage rating: 14V DC
  • Temperature range: -40° to +125°C according to GMW 3191 tests
  • Contact resistance: Initial Value 15MΩ max. After environmental testing 15MΩ max.
  • Insulation resistance: 100 MΩ min.
  • Applicable wire: SAE / AVSS / CAVS : 0.3mm² to 0.8mm²
  • Compliant with ELV / RoHS


  • Electrical Vehicle
  • Car Cockpit
  • Transmission
  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Power Inverters
  • Multi Media Modules
  • Climate Control Modules
  • Rear View Mirrors
  • Clock Spring