Nano2® High Current Surface Mount Fuse

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This high-current SMD fuse is a small, square, surface mount fuse that is designed as supplemental overcurrentprotection for high-current circuits in various applications.


The 881 Series NANO²® fuse is a relatively small sized, high current, surface-mount fuse which provides over current protection for applications of high operating current in a limited space. Such applications are mostly served today through a single large-sized high-current industrial type fuse or in some cases, parallel configuration of lower amperage SMD fuses.  

The 881 Series fuses provide the option of a single fuse solution for protection for such application requirements.



  • Surface mount package: 12.5mm x 10.0mm           
  • Suitable for reflow soldering           
  • 60A to 100A ratings           
  • Lead-free and RoHS compliant           


  • Parallel fusing or use of over-spec’d industrial-type fuses can be avoided or minimized           
  • Enhanced reliability and less susceptible to temperature cycling and vibration effects           
  • High wattage equipment can be designed with less board space reserved for protection components           
  • Guaranteed protection against overload and short circuit events in applications           


  • Blade Servers           
  • Routers           
  • Base station power supply           
  • Uninterrupted Power supply (UPS)           
  • High-power Battery Systems           
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) in high wattage power supplies           
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs)           
  • Industrial tools