Brad® M8/M12 cordsets with WSOR cable and knurled Hexnut


Brad® M8/M12 cordsets with WSOR cable are designed for use in multiple harsh-environments including welding applications, metalworking, and machining processes using cutting-oil. These IEC compliant M8/M12 cordsets feature a hexnut that can be securely tightened, through the use of a torque tool, ensuring connection to a defined force and proper sealing to IP67. Alternatively customers can tighten the hexnut by hand.


  • Meets wide range of customer application needs
  • Assures a secure and sealed connection with correct use of a fixed-torque tool
  • Hand-tightening also possible if preferred
  • Withstands multiple harsh-environment applications including welding and cutting-oil
  • Delivers high-flex and high-torsion performance over a wide temperature range


Line Builder

  • Automotive assembly line
  • Industrial Automation assembly line

Machine builder

  • CNC machines
  • Packaging machine
  • Manufacturing equipment

Sensors and encoders

Factory Automation

  • Material handling
  • Process and automation control
  • Safety

Commercial Vehicle

  • Construction vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Garbage trucks
  • Military vehicles