DuraClikTM 2.00mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connectors, SMT, Single Row, Positive Lock


Molex’s expanded line of DuraClik connectors provides space savings and superior performance features compared to competitive versions for high-vibration applications

Molex’s DuraClik family of connectors was designed for on-board instrumentation applications such as steering wheels and shift levers that are subject to high vibration. Automotive customers required a connector system that provided more robust features than most standard 2.00mm pitch systems. DuraClik is meeting these needs.

New Vertical Header Option

DuraClik was originally introduced in a right-angle configuration to meet market requirements at that time. A new vertical version has been added to provide more flexibility to meet various space constraint and harness installation needs.

The new vertical version also includes the same style of wide solder tabs as the right-angle version, for footprint compatibility. This wide solder tab is what enables DuraClik to provide resistance to an upward pull force of 100N (10kgf), for secure PCB retention in high-vibration applications.


  • Positive inner-lock design
  • Audible “click” when mated
  • Wide solder tabs
  • Enclosed contact design
  • Operating temperature up to 105°C
  • Open area for pick-and-place
  • Secure mating, space savings and prevents latch breakage from wire tangling
  • Added mating assurance
  • Secure PCB retention to meet high-vibration requirements
  • Provides contact protection against dust and damage
  • Meets automotive passenger compartment requirements
  • Supports automated board placement without the need for kapton tape


Steering wheel

Wiper/blinker lever

Shift lever

Front/back headlights


Air conditioner

Electric bicycle



Industrial/Factory automation equipment