EdgeLine® High-Speed Edge Card Connectors

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Low-profile EdgeLine® connectors support up to 25 Gbps data rates and are available in multiple orientations and PCB thicknesses for use in high-signal transmissions and high-density signal applications

The portfolio encompasses a dynamic group of product families with a compact and clean interface of plated fingers on the edge of a printed circuit board (PCB). These one-piece solutions are cost effective, flexible and scalable solution for low-to-mid range telecom, computing and storage applications.


  • High-speed differential contact design
  • Multiple PCB thicknesses (1.57 to 3.18mm)
  • Press-fit, compliant-pin terminal design
  • Cost-effective stitched terminal
  • Common or singulated ground
  • Center key available on certain circuit sizes
  • Multiple circuit sizes available
  • Low-profile heights: CoPlanar Connector 6.40mm above PCB; CoEdge Connector 3.50mm above and below PCB
  • Keying and locking features available (0.80mm pitch CoEdge Connectors only)
  • Secondary locking options available (0.80mm pitch CoEdge Connectors only)
  • Provides excellent signal integrity; performance up to 25 Gbps, depending upon the application
  • Accommodates a variety of PCB thicknesses on complex product designs
  • Easy board termination using flat-rock tooling
  • Accommodates various signal and power requirements
  • Optimizes connector for power and slow-speed, single-ended signals in addition to high-speed differential circuits
  • Improves PCB alignment during mating by relaxing board tolerances up to 0.80mm pitch
  • Design flexibility for signal and power assignment
  • Enhanced air flow and thermal management
  • Secures the connector to the PCB and improves board alignment during mating
  • Prevents accidental unmating and prevents PCB from backing out of connector


Telecommunications hardware

  • Storage

Networking equipment

  • Computing systems
  • PCIe
  • SAS
  • SATA
  • Storage systems