FAKRA II SMB Connector System


FAKRA II SMB connectors, with 360° rotation and secondary locking latch deliver easy cable routing between antennas and multi-media units while meeting the USCAR requirements for on-board telematics systems

Molex’s FAKRA II SMB product offering meets both American USCAR and German FAKRA automotive standards. The FAKRA II SMB connector system retains the high-performing, cost-effective RF attributes as the original FAKRA connector series.
The enhanced features offered by the FAKRA II connector system demonstrate Molex’s dedication to meet the continued mechanical and environmental requirements of the automotive industry.


  • Connector rotates 360° inside the plastic shroud
  • Secondary plug locking latch
  • Numerous keying options and color codes
  • Machined contact versions available
  • Stamped-center contact versions available
  • Cable-mount jacks and plugs
  • Mates with original FAKRA PCB jacks and plugs
  • Ease-of-routing inside an automobile. Less stress on the cable
  • For enhanced reliability. Meets USCAR and FAKRA specifications
  • For design flexibility and ease-of-reference to specific applicationsUse industry-standard indent-crimp terminal tools (Daniels AFM8) providing ease-of-use without additional tooling investment. Ideal for low-volume applications
  • Use special crimp dies and are ideal for bench-top or pneumatic crimping machines. Provide the most cost-effective FAKRA connector. Ideal for high-volume applications
  • Versatility for customer’s design including in-line connection
  • Backward compatibility to existing components minimizes additional costs





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