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FCT, a Molex company, are an innovative manufacturer of connectors and cable assemblies. Applying advanced technologies and solution-orientated thinking, FCT delivers a range of high-quality, cost-competitive products designed to meet the requirements of standard and challenging applications alike. 

Expanding Molex's capabilities, FCT's product portfolio includes a broad range of hoods, connectors, contacts, tools and more. In addition, customised solutions are available to meet individual needs and provide design flexibility. Standard D-Sub connectors from FCT support universal use in a variety of industries and are available in various combinations of materials and platings.

To select the product that best suits your needs using FCT's product configurator, visit fctgroup.com


  • Standard and customised parts available
  • Connectors available in multiple material and plating combinations
  • Steel, brass (non-magnetic) and stainless-steel connectors available
  • Heat resistant FRPs ensure 260 °C soldering temperature for 10 s
  • Conductive platings used against corrosion are RoHS compliant
  • Multiple contact terminations available, including; solder pot, straight and right-angled PCB and wire-wrap
  • Pin connectors are shielded with dimples
  • Comprehensive range of accessories available, including hoods and side locks


  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications and Networking
  • Consumer and Home Appliance
  • Industrial Automation
  • Data and Computing
  • Military and Aerospace