FFC/FPC Connectors


Molex’s 0.50mm pitch FFC/FPC connectors with double the contacts per circuit offer the best combination of signal reliability, compactness, wide circuit size range and cable style choices of any similar version in the market.


  • Contact design with two lower contacts per circuit: Ensures a clean mating interface and provides superior contact reliability
  • Cable ear-tab locking feature: Provides cable alignment, high retention force and easy actuation
  • Zero insertion force: Facilitates easy cable insertion
  • Wide range of circuit sizes (20-80): Offers design flexibility
  • Vacuum pick-and-place area on top of housing: Provides easier board assembly and cost savings versus separate pick-and-place tape


Automobile Infotainment

  • Display Audio
  • Car Navigation


  • Flat panel TV
  • Portable Game
  • Personal Navigation Equipment


  • Optical Disk Drives
  • Tablet and Notebook PCs