KK® 254 and KK® 396 Connectors

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Molex’s KK® connector system can be designed into a variety of power and signal applications. Available in industry-standard 2.54 and 3.96mm pitch sizes, this single-row, wire-to-board and board-to-board product family is cost effective and versatile.

KK® RPC (Reflow Process Compatible) headers are available in both signal and power families and can handle solder temperatures up to 260ºC. Additionally, customizable KK headers allow for more polarization options and design configurations, which makes the KK® connector system ideal for a variety of industries.


◾Friction locking headers and receptacles ensure secure mating and prevent accidental disengagement
◾Polarizing header backwalls, polarizing ribs on receptacles and polarizing pegs prevent accidental mis-mating during assembly
◾KK RPC headers offered in high-temperature nylon and reflow matte-tin plating allow for 260ºC wave and reflow solder processing
◾PCB retention pegs on headers ensure headers maintain position during solder processing and proper alignment to PCB
◾Glow Wire capable versions available



    ◾Blood warming bags

    ◾Heart monitors

    ◾Patient monitors



◾Control Modules

◾Interior Lighting

◾Stereo systems

◾Window defrosters


◾Automation equipment



◾Fire alarms / smoke detectors

◾Garage doors

◾Home appliances

◾Vending machines

◾Coin changers



◾Mainframe computers

◾Multi-function scanners