ML-XT™ Sealed Connection System

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The rugged ML-XT™ connection system with market leading high-performance seal technology is a cost competitive solution offering superior reliability for critical vehicle-wiring applications in harsh environments.

The ML-XT™ system meets these needs with high-performing seal technology proven to prevent ingress of fluids under extreme conditions. Advanced two-shot LSR molding produces a one-piece plug and seal that provides optimum seal positioning at all times, including during mating and unmating of the header and receptacle. The result is a cost-competitive solution that achieves superior reliability over de-facto-standard systems in the industry. 



Features Benefits

Covalently interlocked one-piece plug housing and interfacial seal formed by 2-shot LSR (liquid silicone rubber) molding technology

Prevents fluid ingress; system is IP69K-rated and J2030 power-wash test capable Prevents loss/ misalignment of seal; ensures repeatable retention during unmating and mating of plug and receptacle

Drop in replacement for de facto standard industry connectors

Achieves superior reliability without the need for costly re-design

Rear seals made from HCR (high consistency rubber)

Provides greater tear-resistance over LSR material; prevents damage to rear seal during terminal insertion/ extraction

Latched rear covers lock-in rear HCR seals without exceeding the perimeter of the housings

Allows for flexible cable exits and cable movement whilst maintaining optimum seal position to prevent leak paths

Plug and receptacle housings are supplied pre-assembled with internal HCR rear seals and covers

Reduces inventory, assembly time and costs for harness manufacturers. Prevents loss of rear seals for a costcompetitive mated system

Utilises Molex proven XRC™ terminals with current ratings up to 13.0A

Supports tooling widely used at harness makers

High terminal retention force; exceeds 111N

Withstands high axial pull-out forces per J2030 specification

Wedgelock / TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) loaded after terminals

Locks terminals in position for secure electrical contact

Plug housing features integral locking latch with finger grip

Enables easy handling and secure mating of plug and receptacle

Colour-coded housings available

Facilitates easy visual mating of harnesses to prevent mis-mating


Commercial Vehicle Automotive Sealed Applications Other

◾Agricultural machines
◾Construction and mining equipment
◾Forest and garden equipment
◾Generator sets (Gensets)
◾Search, detection and navigation equipment
◾Trains and rail equipment
◾Bus, coach, caravan
◾Material handling equipment


◾Sensors – Electrical, fluid, velocity, magnetic, moisture, navigation,
position angle, optical, pressure, proximity
◾Engine Control Units (ECUs)
◾Airbag Control Units (ACUs)
◾Air conditioning
◾Lights, lamps
◾Power steering modules
◾Alarms, horns
◾Infotainment and telematics
◾Electric seats
◾ Hydraulics

◾Military vehicles
◾Aeronautical ◾Commercial Aviation