PicoBlade™ Connector System

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PicoBlade™ 1.25mm pitch connector system is offered in wire-to-board and wire-to-wire options. The system saves about 45% of PCB space compared to typical 2.00mm wire-to-board systems.

It is a single row system, available in 2 to 15 circuits, with both surface mount and through-hole headers. A full range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual tooling is available to support crimp harness assembly using discrete wires.


  • Friction Lock minimizes the chance of accidental unmating due to vibration or mishandling
  • Terminals feature two-points of contact to assure a reliable electrical connection even under conditions of low current, low voltage, and/or vibration
  • Polarized mating geometry prevents harness-to-header mis-mating
  • Solder tabs assure header-to-PCB retention and act as a strain relief for the SMT solder tails
  • Optional vacuum caps for the vertical surface mount headers allow high-volume placement using industry standard pick-up nozzle



  • Alarm systems
  • Car audio


  • Patient monitors


  • Process controls


  • DVD players
  • Set-top boxes