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The rapid growth of infotainment has resulted in higher costs for automobile manufactures as multiple USB chargers are now designed into each model. Molex offers an off-the-shelf USB charger that is standard for many transportation vehicle applications. This single charger eliminates tooling and engineering support and reduces overall costs. Molex also designs custom in-vehicle smart chargers that follow a device’s profile to provide the maximum power allowed by the device manufacturer, ensuring fast and effective charging.

To protect from improper charging, smart phones and tablets are designed to allow a minimum current when plugged into in-vehicle USB ports that aren’t smart chargers. As a result, a device uses more power than it receives when a driver charges it while playing music or getting directions. Possible shorts and overcurrent conditions created by electrical events in automobiles can damage devices that are plugged into in-vehicle chargers. Molex Custom In-Vehicle Smart Charging Modules have protective circuitry built in to protect devices from shorts and overcurrent conditions.


  • Pre-assembled active USB chargers feature PCB routing and mechanical enclosure design, saving costs in engineering time and tooling
  • Compliant with Battery Charging (BC) 1.2 standards
  • Designed for existing rocker-switch panels for commercial vehicles, facilitating drop-in design
  • Compatible Molex automotive I/O connector offering provides a single-system supplier for added reliability, and reduces overall costs
  • Compact, single-charger design enables charging-port integration throughout the vehicle
  • Electrical, mechanical, environmental, electromagnetic interference (EMI), electrostatic discharge (ESD) and signal integrity testing completed
  • Power-supply architecture adaptable to existing application requirements
  • Complete global material sourcing, logistics and manufacturing solution


Commercial Vehicle:

  • Truck
  • Agricultur
  • Bu
  • RV
  • Military Vehcile
  • Boat/Marin
  • Airplan
  • Construction


  • Cell Phone/Smartphone Charging