MX150™ Twist-Lock Sealed Bulkhead Connectors


MX150™ Twist-Lock Sealed Bulkhead Connectors simplify connector assembly by eliminating the need for additional fasteners. These connectors employ ring-seal technology to meet industry-standard sealing requirements.

The MX150™ Connector System consists of matte- and cable-sealed connectors and receptacles. This system is based upon the 1.50mm (.060”) ISO blade-type terminal system, available in tin, gold or silver contact finishes, therefore eliminating the need to purchase, handle and crimp individual wire seals to lower applied cost. This design has a single silicone-based seal with individual wire openings and a seal cap to protect, securely retain and provide strain relief to the seal, and features an allin- one plug and receptacle housings. Integral terminal position assurance (TPA) and optional connector position assurance (CPA) components eliminate time-consuming and costly assembly operations.

MX150 Panel-Mount Connectors ensure simplified and reliable mating and assembly while providing superior sealing and electrical performance in rugged automotive and non-automotive applications. This wire-to-wire connection system requires no curing to seal the blade connector to the case and provides flexibility in printed circuit board location and orientation. It also has integrated screw holes for mounting the connector to the case. MX150 Panel-Mount Connectors are ideal for high-temperature environments and employ gasket-seal technology to meet industry-standard sealing requirements.


  • Twist-lock latching design with audible, tactile and visual feedback
  • Integral ring seal
  • Outside-in mounting design with a 42.00mm pass-through hole
  • High-temperature thermoplastic housing
  • Sealing geometryTerminal Positioning Assurance (TPA)
  • Terminal Positioning Assurance (TPA) probe hole
  • Four polarization options
  • Ensures reliable mating and locking upon assembly. Eliminates the need for additional fasteners
  • Meets industry-standard sealing requirements, using proven interfacial seal technology to facilitate reliable sealing
  • Eliminates the potential to push the bulkhead connector back into the module. Improves high-pressure spray capability. Allows for easy access inside and outside of the module
  • Withstands Class 3 (-40 to +125°C) operating environments
  • Incorporates a spray shield necessary to meet IP6K7 and IP6K9K sealing performance requirements
  • Ensures terminals are fully seated and will not back out during mating
  • Allows for simple terminal serviceability
  • Four discrete mechanical and visual options that meet the new, USCAR-approved color pallet (black and three shades of gray)


Commercial vehicles

Recreational vehicles

Industrial vehicles and equipment

Construction equipmen

tMarine equipment

Headlamp Modules

Hybrid, Electric Battery Cases

Firewall Harnesses

Tail Lamps

Power Control Modules

Bulkhead Applications