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Murata GRM - 100 uF - MLCCs - Multilayer Ceramic Browse Inventory

Murata’s GRM series of 1206 and 1210 size monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) above 100µF.

As the functionality of electronic devices becomes more advanced and the available enclosure space becomes even more constrained, there is a growing need for capacitors that are both miniature and have a high capacity. Traditionally, polymer capacitors have been used above 100 µF since such high capacitance values have not been available. MLCCs deliver much better ESR characteristics than polymer capacitors and are more compact, so now that higher values are available MLCCs can aid to overall space reduction.


  • High capacitance with lower ESR and smaller case size
  • Mature MLCC technology
  • PCB miniaturization
  • High reliability


  • Decoupling on low voltage rails for programmable logic
  • Processors, servers, network and data communications infrastructure