SMD Crystal Units XRCGB Series

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The crystal unit that realized small package and highly accurate frequency. Based on Murata's excellent package technology and high grade quartz crystal elements, achieving small size and high accuracy crystal units.

Crystal units are made of high stability piezoelectric quartz crystal that function as a mechanical resonator. With the advance of the IC technology, various equipment may be controlled by a single LSI integrated circuit, such as the one-chip microprocessor.

Crystal units can generate clock signals which are essential for ICs and LSIs to operate, achieving high stability, adjustment-free performance and miniaturization. At present, crystal units find a broad range of applications such as low power wireless communication devices, mobile communication devices, automotive electronics, TVs, personal computing and home information appliances such as DVD equipment.


◾The series is available in the applications to be necessary for high accuracy crystal units
◾Especially, it is the best for the communication clocks such as S-ATA, USB, BLE, NFC
◾The resonator is extremerly small size (2.0 x 1.6 x 0.7 (mm)) , and contribute to reduction in mounting area
◾The series complies to RoHS directive, being lead-free (phase 3)


◾Wireless Application (BLE, Zigbee, NFC)
◾Wired Application (Ethernet, USB2.0/3.0)
◾Processor (CPU, MPU, DSP)
◾Medical/Healthcare (Consumer grade)
◾Wearable devices