6W Full Bridge DC-DC Converters

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Murata’s 6W high isolation DC-DC converters, full bridge MGJ6FB are for simultaneously powering “high-side” and “low-side” gate drive circuits for IGBTs, and silicon/silicon carbide MOSFETs in bridge circuits. The devices feature respectively dual, triple, and quad independent outputs that are externally configurable with a simple circuit to provide positive and negative voltages for gate drive power. By being able to use just one device for powering all gate drives in a bridge application, the space saving achieved is a significant 33–50%.

The DC-DC converters offer a wide 2:1 input voltage range with nominal inputs of 5V, 12V, and 24V and two, three, or four output channels of 24V are provided with high isolation between outputs. Providing reliable operation in the fastest of switching systems, the devices are suitable for DC link voltages up to 3kVDC and feature a characterized dv/dt immunity of 80kV/us and a characterized partial discharge performance that provides long service life.

The design of the DC-DC converters includes many inherent features and aspects that enhance performance, reliability, and repeatability. These include a planar transformer, short circuit and overload protection for robust operation under system fault conditions, and a very low coupling capacitance of typically 15pF that reduces system EMI problems. A frequency synchronization pin simplifies EMC filter design and an enable pin provides for power saving.


  • No opto feedback
  • Patents pending
  • Three isolated output voltages suitable for IGBT/SiC & Mosfet gate drives in a fullbridge configuration
  • Reinforced insulation to UL60950 with 8mm creepage & clearance recognition pending
  • ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 recognition pending
  • Characterised dv/dt immunity 80kV/μs at 1.6kV
  • Characterised partial discharge performance5.2kV
  • DC isolation test voltage ‘Hi Pot Test’
  • Ultra low coupling capacitance typically 15pFDC link voltage 3kVDC
  • 5V, 12V & 24V input voltages
  • 105°C operating temperature


  • Motor Drives/Motion Control
  • Solar Inverters
  • UPSAlternative Energy (Wind Power Generators)
  • High Power AC-DC Conversion
  • Traction
  • EV/HEV
  • Home Appliances
  • Welding