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Exploiting the magnetoresistive effect, AMR sensors have an IC to detect changes in the magnetic resistance of a magnetoresistive element affected by an external magnetic field. Many magnetic switches are used for cylinder position detection, smart meter, and the open/close detection for equipment such as single-lens reflex cameras, video cameras, and refrigerators.

Tamper Detection

3-dimensional magnetic field detection that usually requires multiple sensors is now possible with single sensor. This sensor can detect unspecified magnetic field. Therefore, it's suitable for tamper detection for electricity meter, gas meter, etc.

Position/Rotation Detection

This series includes versatile sensors that can detect a broad range of magnet movements. Position sensing and rotation detection represent two major applications. The great diversity offers customers a choice of AMR sensors ideal for the conditions of their environment of use (movement to be sensed, supply
voltages, temperatures, and response frequency, etc.).

Rotation Detection

Specialized for detecting rotations, this series of AMR sensors features stable output characteristics, making them ideal for the precise detection of rotational displacements. Using 2 AMR rotational sensors enables the sensing of the rotational direction. Products that consume extremely low currents, for example the MRUS74X, are also available, making the scope of applications even broader.