Inductors for Power Lines


We have an extensive lineup of inductors covering a wide range of sizes from 1.6mm x 0.8mm to 12mm square, which are manufactured using multiple techniques including Metal Alloy wire wound construction techniques and Ferrite multilayer technique. We offer the optimum inductors for a wide range of applications including mobile devices such as wearable devices and smartphones, automotive applications, industrial electronics, and on-board devices.

Metal alloy type DFEC/DFEG/DFEH/FD/FC series - Features: High Current capability with Soft current saturation.

Ferrite Multilayer type LQM series -Features: Low profile and small case size.

Ferrite Wire Wound type LQH series - Features: A wide L lineup of 100µH or higher.


  • Extensive line ups
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Metal Alloy Wire wound type:
  •     High Current Capability with Soft current saturation
  •     Low magnetic flux leakage, because of Magnetic Shielded construction
  • Ferrite Multilayer type:
  •     Low profile and small case size
  • Ferrite Wire Wound type:
  •     Wide inductance lineup and Various case size


  • Wearable devices – DFEC/LQM series
  • Portable devices – DFEC/FD/LQM/LQH series
  • Automotive applications – DFEC/DFEG/DFEH/LQM/LQH/MBH series
  • Industrial Electronics – DFEC/FD/DFEG/DFEH/LQM/LQH/MBH/DEM/DS series