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A power train control system uses a DC motor drive to increase control in order to improve the fuel economy of an automobile. A capacitor is used to suppress the electrical noise generated by this DC motor. The automobile control equipment is mounted in an extreme environment, where temperatures can approach 200°C for short periods of time. A high degree of durability is needed for a capacitor that is implemented in this environment. The new Murata product applies a coating of newly developed heat resistant resin around a highly heat resistant multilayer ceramic capacitor, allowing use at a 200°C maximum temperature. The company expects to expand sales of products for equipment mounted in high temperature environments such as engine rooms.This product complies with AEC-Q200*1 and therefore the lead wire type capacitor can be connected by welding or “crimping*2” close to a noise generating source. This product also passes the extreme surge test of the ISO7637-2*3 standard.

*1 AEC-Q200: Test standards for reliability sought in automobile electrical parts, as decided by the Automotive Electronics Council.

*2 Crimping: A metal component or fitting is fastened using a pliers or custom tool without using an adhesive

*3 ISO7637-2: Test standards for checking durability against noise generated by automobile electrical equipment.


  • Temperature: from -55°C to 200°C
  • Voltage 100Vdc and 250Vdc - range expansion in 2017
  • AEC-Q200 and ISO7637-2 compliant
  • Production starts in May 2017
  • Suitable for welding


  • Sensor of the exhaust system (Automotive)
  • Transmission Control Unit (Automotive)
  • DC Motors such as Turbocharger etc. (Automotive)
  • Rotary Table, Mud Pump, Drill Strings etc. (Excavator)