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Murata's supercapacitors have industry-leading power density and energy in a small and low-profile body. They have ultra low ESR and can discharge electricity with a large output of several tens of watts.
When a supercapacitor is used as an auxiliary power supply for assistance during peak output or backup, batteries and power supply units can be downsized, energy loss can be reduced, and a high output function can be achieved.


To meet consumer demand of greater efficiency and functionality, Murata has developed high power supercapatirors in a miniaturized and low-profile body.
The DMT series is our standard type. It can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 85℃ and delivers excellent performance even for long term high-temperature environment usage. The DMF is high-power type, featuring ultra-low ESR and high intermittent voltage.

These supercapacitors demonstrate their capabilities especially in peak power assist applications, peak load leveling applications, and backup applications: In peak power assist applications, when a supercapacitor is used as an auxiliary power supply during peak output, it is highly possible to reduce the size of power supply units, add a higher output function, and improve the performance. A sample application includes as auxiliary power supply for LEDs, compact DC motor devices, smart meters, RKE and so on.
In peak load leveling applications, they can be used to improve device functions and stabilize operations by leveling large fluctuations of a power voltage line. They can be optimally used for audio devices, communication devices, security and healthcare devices. In backup applications, a supercapacitor makes it possible to achieve a high-output backup function in a confined space. These backups are valid for SSD, PLC, memory card devices, POS, hand-held terminal devices, and so on.
Murata's supercapacitor as an auxiliary power supply can apply various applications, adding various benefits to your device.


  • World’s highest level output power : Discharge up to 50W per piece (DMF series)
  • High power density / Small and slim package(21mmx14mmx2.2~mm) : Optimum for portable devices or devices with limited space
  • High energy: 220mF to 1000mF
  • Milli-ohm level Low ESR and Stable ESR even at lower temperatures
  • Low leakage current : less than 5 or 10μA @96hrs
  • Wide operational temperature range : -40 to +85℃(DMT series)
  • High reliability : Characteristic degradation is reduced by excellent package sealing and optimized electrochemical system
  • High safety : No short circuit
  • Long charge-discharge cycle life


  • LED flash (DVC, DSC, smart phones)
  • Fire/smoke alarm systems (VADs: Visual Alarm Devices)
  • Smart meters (wireless communication system, valve operation, dying gasp, etc)
  • e-paper applications, door lock, laser applications(infrared, etc)
  • Tablet PC, Point of sale(POS) equipment
  • Handy terminal, USB/MHL bus power, small motor applications
  • GPS/GPRS tracking system, portable audio, power tools
  • Fuel cells, primary cell equipment
  • SSD, memory card devices, PLC
  • Professional use applications which need communication system backup or data backup
  • Micro and macro energy harvesting systems