Wire Wound Type Small RF Inductors

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Murata's lineup of inductors for high-frequency circuits features ultra-compact film-type inductors, general-purpose monolithic inductors, and high-Q, high-current supporting wire-wound type inductors, all of which are used in high-frequency circuits. These inductors are recommended for all high-frequency circuits, including mobile phone RF modules, Wi-Fi modules, Bluetooth® modules, and various types of matching and filter circuits.



  • Low DC resistance is possible
  • Extremely high Q (Quality factor) value
  • Large currents can be supported
  • Tight tolerance can help to high precision matching circuit
  • Small size
  • Operating tempareture : -55 to +125°C
  • Reflow soldering


  • RF Front End module for Mobile Phone
  • RF (IF) circuit for Base Station
  • SET Top Box
  • Connectivity module for automotive
  • IoT Module (e.g. LoRa)