NTC Thermistors


NTC thermistors are elements whose resistance falls with an increase in temperature, and find use in applications such as temperature sensing.

Murata NTC thermistors employ elements featuring high precision and good thermal response. The diverse product range not only includes different shapes (SMD chip and lead types), but also covers diverse applications such as inrush current suppression and temperature compensation.


Available Product Series:

NCU series

  • SThe NCU series is new line-up of Murata thermistor. NCU series is a temperature sensor of a chip type. Available Market is Automotive market where request the high reliability.
    NCU series can use for wide temperature sensing and compensation.
NCP series

  • The NCP series offers chip type temperature sensors ideal for temperature sensing and compensation. Available in sizes from 0603 to 2012 mm, NCP sensors are widely used in mobile phones, PCs, and LED lighting equipment.
NTP series

  • Exploiting the NTC characteristic (resistance declining in proportion to an increase in temperature), the NTP series suppresses surge currents generated when the equipment is switched on, thereby reducing power consumption during normal operation. Using lead NTC thermistors for inrush current suppression makes it possible to reduce the number of switching elements used, helping downsize customer products.
NXF series

  • The Murata NXF series of lead NTC thermistors offers temperature sensors featuring one of the industry’s smallest sensor heads, allowing for compact size and fast response. The flexible leads are available in lengths from 25 to 150 mm. Murata’s outstanding ceramic technology enables these NTC thermistors to meet various customer requirements for characteristics.
NXR series

  • The Murata NXR series of self-standing lead NTC thermistors feature high lead strength. Designed for use in room-temperature sensors, these thermistors based on NTC chips can detect temperatures with high sensitivity and precision. Murata’s unique technology for attaching lead wires achieves high lead strength in the NXR thermistors, allowing the customer to bend them for production of equipment. NXR series products can be supplied in taped formats.