Active Optical Connector (AOC): V series


The V series achieves a high-speed optical fiber connection in electronic devices by using an electric connector. High-speed bi-directional data transmission is made easy with the Active Optical Connector due to its noise reduction and electrical isolation capability. the Active Optical Connector is optimally suited for all environments where electromagnetic interferences are prevalent, but Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) needs to be assured.


  • Structure of electric-optic conversion inside the plug
  • Bi-directional high speed and wideband data transmission up to 10Gbps
  • Excellent noise reduction and electrical isolation
  • Easy to handle by electrical connector
  • Suitable for small equipment by compact design



  • Endoscope
  • MRT & CT image processing unit
  • Ultrasonic


  • Measuerment equipment
  • Industrial & Security Camera
  • Production Printer


  • Server / Data Center