ASQ Switches


More than 100 Million pieces sold! That's the best of Panasonic ASQ-Series quality and reliability.

Sliding contact construction leads to constant contact force for the whole actuation path.

Long stroke and side actuation option support freedom of design.


  • Same size as J type with ultra-long stroke. For pin plunger type, it maintains an ultra-long stroke O.T. (over travel) with over 2.2 mm on the NO side and over
  • 2.5 mm on the NC side. Hence variations in operation can be compensated.
  • Since contact pressure does not depend on the operation stroke, the range of possible use over the entire stroke is greatly increased.High contact reliability to support low level switching loads
  • Highly effective sealing for resistance against adverse environments
  • Silent operation
  • Direct operation possible from lateral direction with pin plunger (lever-less operation allows space savings)


  • Automobiles (detection of door opening and closing and shift lever position, etc.)
  • Household appliances (propane stoves, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, washing machines, etc.)