ASQmini Switches


Sliding contact construction with no operation noise. Direct operation possible from lateral direction on pin plunger.

The design of the ASQ mini is based on the very popular ASQ switch, which has been sold more than 100 million times. That’s the best of Panasonic ASQ-Series quality and reliability. With its sliding contact and the compact structure, the ASQ Mini is the optimal solution for detection tasks in environments where space is limited and conditions are rough. Despite its relatively small size of 8x8mm and a depth of only 5mm, the switch has an over travel of up to 2.2mm. This way, the ASQ Mini offers a high tolerance for construction and during the design-in phase.


  • Miniaturisation achieved with changing from 1 Form C to 1 Form A or 1 Form B contacts. (For the terminal type, volume has been cut 45% compared to the previous product.)
  • Lever installation possible while being miniature. Operation possible in various moving parts such as metal camsContact pressure does not depend on the operation stroke
  • High contact reliability to support low level switching loads
  • Highly effective sealing for resistance against adverse environments (IP67)
  • Silent operation with sliding contact
  • Available in NO and NC contact form


  • Detection of door opening and closing
  • Shift lever position
  • Household appliances
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Air conditioners
  • Washing machines